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Council for the Homeless

What You Can Do

You CAN make a difference!

Contribute To Ending Homelessness

We need to help people in crisis today and we also must create a future in which homelessness simply does not exist. Support our work by making a donation to the Council for the Homeless.


Complete our Volunteer Interest Form and we will respond to your inquiry to discuss volunteer opportunities. Thank you!

Educate Yourself

We’ve made it easy by providing facts about homelessness in our community and links to other helpful information. Learn some key facts and then…

Advocate For Change

If the institutionalization of homelessness is unacceptable — morally and/or economically — make your voice heard. Talk about homelessness with your family, your friends, your neighbors and your co-workers. Write letters to your governmental representatives and attend meetings to be heard on the subject. Support the efforts of community and nonprofit groups whose mission is to end homelessness, and the conditions which contribute to it.

Promote Prevention

Preserve and increase affordable housing. Create sufficient permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless and disabled and increase the county’s capacity to engage homeless persons in mental health and chemical dependency treatment. Create more incentives for public systems to deal more effectively with the chronically homeless who present the most complex and costly problems.

Encourage Intervention

Adopt a “Housing First” approach for families and homeless individuals. For those who are mentally ill, have substance abuse problems or are physically disabled, this means getting them into permanent supportive housing. For families, it means permanent housing and access to services like daycare and career development.

Ending homelessness requires no greater commitment than that required of being a good neighbor. “To have a good neighbor, you must be a good neighbor”. This means standing up for those of us who have lost our homes, or our jobs, or whose children are hungry in the same way you would expect them to stand up for you and your family. It means standing up for affordable housing and for services for people who need them.