Who should attend? Landlords, property owners, and social service providers.

2011 Meeting Dates
March 17 · May 19 · July 21 · Sept. 15 · Nov. 17
1:30-3PM in the
Vancouver Housing Authority Community Room

“These are great referrals for our clients working to find housing. Thank you!” – Denise Stone, Community Services Northwest
For more information on “Housing First” history, modeling and programs, please visit: Wikipedia – Housing First

Community Housing

Linking two pieces of the Housing Puzzle

Council for the Homeless brings landlords (or property owners) together with social service providers to create housing opportunities for people with obstacles to renting.

What are “obstacles to renting?”

In addition to not having a place to call home, many people struggling with homelessness are dealing with a variety of other challenges. Challenges may include previous housing evictions, lack of income sufficient to make ends meet, a criminal record, substance abuse, and mental health issues. These types of obstacles can make it even harder to find housing.

What can landlords and property owners do to help?

By working with the Council for the Homeless, landlords and property owners give their permission to be contacted by social service agency case managers who are helping their clients find affordable housing. The landlord and case manager talk about the housing opportunity to determine if it is a good fit for all involved.

What resources are available to people with obstacles to renting?

Attend and complete a Rent Well Tenant Education class. Renting is more complicated than many people understand. It is a business relationship. Rent Well participants learn the “dos and don’ts” of renting, their obligations and rights as a renter, and how to have a successful relationship with their landlord. Click here to find a Rent Well class in Portland or Vancouver.

You can be involved in Community Housing

If you have a house, apartment, or shared living situation to offer, or if you are a social service agency case manager, please contact David Moore, Council for the Homeless Community Housing Program Coordinator at 360-699-5106, ext. 104.

The success of the Community Housing Program in Clark County is based on communication, collaboration, education, case management for renters, and support for landlords. Please join us in helping everyone in Clark County have the opportunity to have a place to call home!