The Clark County Community Voice Mail program is part of the national network of CVM sites, empowering people in crisis and transition by distributing free 24-hour voice mail nationwide.

CVM links individuals to jobs, housing, safety and stability. The national CVM office and website are headquartered in Seattle, WA.
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Clark County CVM is funded by the Office of Community, Trade & Economic Development, Washington Telephone Assistance Program and the Clark County Department of Community Services.

No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, national origin, age, citizenship, political affiliation, belief, or sexual orientation, be denied employment or benefits, or be discriminated against as a participant, administrator or staff person under the CVM program.

Community Voice Mail

Looking for work or housing without a telephone number?

Community Voice Mail can help!

Community Voice Mail (CVM) is a Council for the Homeless program for people in Clark County without phones. CVM provides 24/7 private access to telephone messages. CVM users are able to receive messages from from potential landlords and employers, case managers, and family. CVM is an effective tool to find jobs and housing! Clark County’s CVM program served 797 clients in 2010!

What are the benefits of having voice mail?

CVM users can check messages from any phone, anywhere and receive email notifications in their email inbox alerting them to waiting voice mail messages. A CVM number looks like any other local telephone number. In this way, CVM users are able to reflect the stability and credibility associated with having a personal phone number and voice mail.

Why do people use CVM? Who will call your CVM number?
Jobs   Employers
Housing   Landlords
Escape Domestic Abuse   Case Managers
Obtain Healthcare Results   Healthcare Professionals
Childcare and School Contacts   Teachers and Childcare Workers
Legal Services   Lawyers and Advocates
Friends and Family   People Who Care About You

How does it work?

Council for the Homeless recruits local agencies to be “CVM providers” to their agencies’ clients. Clients are given an instruction card and access to a telephone to set up their secure password and personal voice mail greeting. That’s all there is to it! The new number is activated immediately and remains activated until the CVM user cancels their participation.

Where can I apply?

CVM is available through CVM providers throughout Clark County. Ask about CVM enrollment if you receive services at an agency listed below.

The addresses for some of the agencies listed below are on Google Maps.

If you don’t receive services through any of the listed agencies, contact us at

  • Clark County Health Dept. – HIV Case Management
  • Columbia River Mental Health CRMH (Clearview)
  • DCP State Department of Corrections (Probation)
  • Dept. of Social & Health Services, Columbia River CSO
  • Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette
  • Innovative Services NW
  • Job Corps (Vancouver, WA)
  • Lifeline Connections
  • Open House Ministries
  • Partners In Careers
  • Salvation Army
  • Share – A.S.P.I.R.E. Housing
  • Share Homestead
  • Share House Inc.
  • Share – Orchards Inn
  • The Lord’s Gym
  • The Wellness Project
  • VA Medical Center
  • Veterans Assistance Program
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • YWCA – Safe Choice

CVM Users Tell Their Stories

Check out this VIDEO from CVM National on YouTube featuring CVM users and their thoughts about the program!
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