Homeless Management Information System

The Council also administers the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), a wide-ranging data collection and reporting system. The HMIS program is a priority of the Continuum of Care and is funded through local and federal resources.

As of October, 2004, all agencies that receive federal funding to address homelessness are required to have access to a HMIS system. The Clark County system has been online for over two years, and continues to be refined to provide more comprehensive data reporting. The Council provides computers, DSL connections, licensing, and training to HMIS partners.

The Council’s goal is to connect all partners who serve homeless people with shelter, food, rent assistance, motel vouchers, bus passes, and other services to HMIS. Accurate and detailed data is essential for short and long-term planning to address homelessness in our community.

Among the most recent accomplishments of HMIS are the additions Share, Inc. programs, four new service agencies, training of nearly 20 new HMIS users from service provider sites, and full data collection from the Winter Hospitality Overflow program.

HMIS also conducts an annual “One Day Homeless Count”, a count of the homeless population of Clark County.