What We Do

A snapshot of Council for the Homeless programs and services –

Shelter Clearinghouse: One phone call connects a homeless person or family with available shelter opportunities and other critical resources.

Winter Hospitality Overflow (WHO): A multi-partner program offering shelter to individuals and families during the coldest months each year.

Community Voice Mail: A free voice mail box makes it possible for those who are homeless or living in poverty to receive messages about employment opportunities, available housing, and other community resources.

Data Coordination: The Homeless Information Management System allows us to accurately collect and report data on homelessness. Data helps shape programs and funding opportunities.

Community Housing Program: Linking landlords and social service providers to create housing opportunities for people with obstacles to renting.

Advocacy: Working with with policy makers at all levels of government to create system-wide solutions to poverty and homelessness.

Planning and Coordination: Council for the Homeless coordinates the Coalition of Service Providers. The coalition identifies gaps in services and housing, prioritizes needs, and collaborates on solutions.