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  • Who We Are

    About Council for the Homeless and our mission

    The mission of the Council for the Homeless (CFTH) is to provide leadership, advocacy and coordination; creating long-term solutions to homelessness, resulting in housing stability and a more livable community.

    CFTH was founded in 1989 through a partnership between the City of Vancouver, Clark County and the Vancouver Housing Authority. The founders agreed on the value of creating an organization to coordinate a community-wide response to homelessness.

    CFTH coordinates a community-wide response to homelessness by

  • operating the county’s shelter referral system via the Emergency Shelter Clearinghouse.

  • convening social service providers to coordinate efforts and share resources.

  • collaboratively managing the Winter Hospitality Overflow program.

  • working with landlords and social service providers to find housing for people with obstacles to renting.